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We are a lab led by Christian Diener at the Medical University of Graz in the Diagnostic and Research Institute of Hygiene, Microbiology and Environmental Medicine. Our lab studies the human gut microbiome through an approach that combines ecology, systems biology, and metabolism. We are also big fans of equitable and accessible Science and participate in various efforts to share our research, software, and teaching materials.

Like us, microbes rarely live alone and may behave quite differently when around others or in a new environment. We are interested in the complex metabolic interactions taking place between microbes, the host, and their environment, and how those can be leveraged to understand and design complex microbial communities. We mainly use computational strategies but also run experiments in our wetlab.

The lab forms part of the Austrian FWF Cluster of Excellence Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health and collaborates with other researchers and industry all across the globe. If you are interested in learning more feel free to check out our team, lab values, research areas, and publications.

Latest publication

Metagenomic estimation of dietary intake from human stool

Dietary intake is tightly coupled to gut microbiota composition, human metabolism, and to the incidence of virtually all major chronic diseases. Dietary and nutrient intake are usually quantified using dietary questionnaires, which tend to focus on broad food categories, suffer from self-reporting biases, and require strong compliance from study participants. Here, we present MEDI (Metagenomic Estimation of Dietary Intake): a method for quantifying dietary intake using food-derived DNA in stool metagenomes.